Pope Drops Catholic ban on Condoms

Hey skeptics, quick news item for you all,

In a historic change of mind, current pope, Pope Benedict XVI, has reversed the official Catholic stance on Condoms. He has come out saying that they are not immoral, and that they are effective for reducing AIDS.

He hasn’t completely permitted them though, he stated that they should only be used to prevent the spread of disease, so as to preserve life; then they are moral.

Of course, the Pope is still endorsing abstinence as the number 1 prevention of STD, and I have to agree with him… abstinence is a very good way to stop STD (seems rather logical), but so are condoms, and the Pope is finally endorsing that fact.


4 thoughts on “Pope Drops Catholic ban on Condoms

    • You should be more skeptical. You made it sound like this was something recent which was the cause of my skepticism. You’ll note that with a quick use of google on the topic the flurry in the media over this one stopped as soon as they all realized they blew this one way out of context as they typically do.

      • He hasn’t dropped the condemnation of condoms entirely, he has just admitted that condoms are safe and help prevent AIDS, and that condoms are the first step to responsible sex. Its not a condoning of condoms, but its the popes first step towards condoning them.

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