I just wrote this article at the blog I co-author, seeing its got math all over it, I thought you all would enjoy it.


Now, as you may have picked up by the nature of some of my blog posts, I’m a big fan of statistics, I try not to be to technical with them but I definitely think they are very useful for determining a players skill, utility or value on a team. When I saw this new analysis, I new I had to share it.

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I’ll let the article explain, but basically, a statistician and basketball fan at a data visualization has taken the box score of hundreds of basketballers and determined 13 new positions which better determine a players play style on the court, and help coaching staff to better organize their playbooks and rosters. By making sure to have players of all specific spots, a team can better organize the team and get the best out of their roster.

Its interesting to see how players such as Rajon…

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