I am going to leave this page open for discussions.

22 thoughts on “Discussions

  1. I just thought because you are interested in Quantum Physics you might be interested in the documentary the Rabbit Hole. But maybe not you might know all there is to know about Quantum Physics already.

      • there’s more than what you’re stating/ a lot more/ I’ve been studying this for years/ I’m very aware of what you’re talking about-it’s not new-all I’m saying is there’s more and you might want to check it out-
        it’s science

        • No. It wasn’t. There was no proof of a flat earth, it was all speculation, and it was hypothesized before science, or even natural philosophy, had been conceived. There is a large difference in proof (all that is important in science) between flat earth and quantum mechanics.

          • you haven’t told me anything that I don’t know.
            I am familiar with the experiments that you are referring to. Are you familiar with what I was referring to. I understand what people think are facts through scientific processes and then more experiments and new knowledge creates changes.It’s perpetual. I have an open mind an always have. I love to study. I just thought that you would be interested in The Rabbit Hole. But maybe not.

              • you’re not hearing me or something…..I totally agree with you…….I was only suggesting that you might want to watch The Rabbit Hole……….communication at best is sometimes difficult……

              • uh huh-a long time ago I had a car with the fish sticker with the feet on it-this man came up to me at the gas station and said-oh-I can’t believe it-an atheist in the south-because I believe in what I think is common sense evolution he assumes that I am an atheist. What? I am not a creationist-per say. I try not to paint the world with a broad brush when I interact with people. I should not have made the comment about you being defensive….sorry……I like your blog…..you’re a thinker you….you are into quantum physics and so am I…….

                • thanks. You will agree with me that quantum mechanics has some very interesting implications, and it is very cool all of the neat things you find on the subatomic scale like Schrodinger’s cat or wave particle duality.

          • oh and on the flat earth-there was not proof that there wasn’t-that’s how it works-whatever IT is is always considered fact by many SCIENTISTS until proven differently, right? That’s why scientists always make the claims of theory and that they in no way understand QUANTUM PHYSICS, and I am not talking about the wave experiement and the observation experiments, but in the BIG PICTURE. There’s a lot out there. I’ve enjoyed the interaction.

            • Quantum physics is just a theory, but it is a theory with a lot of proof, like evolution and gravity. It is a theory which observes very well the universe we live in, and it is interaction, not observation (observation is an interaction) which forces wave functions to collapse into one.

  2. I love that post on the Trinity and Mary, it’s very funny~I just wanted to reply to quantum physics being “neat and cool”.
    I think that quantum physics is shocking and fascinating and it was a link tht made all of my studies as a lay person and debates in my life begin to make sense~~~~When I was twelve I was seperated from the school population and made to go into the library (like that was punishment) during science class, because I would say, well what about this and that, concerning evolution, Darwin, the Bible, particular references to scripture, the whole idea of Trinity, free will and predestination. I would not quit. I saw it all as being compatible. My mind was not stuck.

    Then along comes quantum physics, which it came on my radar at the end of my degree, which I have a B.F.A., which I have because I was given a talent grant. Then I began to learn about Max Plank, sub atomic particles, entanglement, string theory, Schrodinger’s cat, wave particles, quantized energy……

    ~all of the intracacies and complexities of equations~

    All of this that I will never know, because of my age. At the end of my degree I knew there was only one place to go and that was physics, because that’s all there is.

    It will explain every mystery. To me it already explains the Trintiy.

    I could say more….but…….

    I don’t know where you’re at in your studies but you could go to CERN if you want to,,,,,,,,,it’s all about infitinite possbilities…….

    Go for it….And I’m not trying to put anything on you…..I’m just happy for you

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