This is a page I will continuously be adding to as I find great new quotes.

“I do not expect that homeopathy will ever be established as a legitimate form of treatment, but I do expect that it will continue to be popular.”
-James Randi

“Extraordinary Claims require extraordinary evidence”
-Carl Sagan

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
-Arthur C Clarke

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not to sure about the former.”
-Albert Einstein

“Shaped a little like a loaf of French country bread, our brain is a crowded chemistry lab, bustling with nonstop neural conversations.Imagine the brain, that shiny mound of being, that mouse-gray parliament of cells, that dream factory, that petite tyrant inside a ball of bone, that huddle of neurons calling all the plays, that little everywhere, that fickle pleasure dome, that wrinkled wardrobe of selves stuffed into the skull like too many clothes into a gym bag.”
-Diane Ackerman



2 thoughts on “Quotes

    • Hahahahahaha!!!!!! NO! First of all, this is from an ‘MD’ in 1849, before scientific medicine, at a time when doctors were using minerals as medicines, and a homeopathic remedy (water) was actually better than what the doctors gave you. Now that we have scientific medicine, (which requires some logical proof and reasoning) we have discovered that homeopathy is CRAP! It is ridiculous. Every single placebo controlled, double-blinded study has shown that homeopathy DOES NOT WORK!

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