Does god see ‘absolutely’ everything?

Hi there skeptics,

Today I am going to be blogging about an issue which I originally brought up as a joke, but soon realized that it shows some serious insight into how god got started in the first place. I posted on my twitter page the following quote, “What if god saw everything including the entire EM spectrum, radio signals, gamma rays, ultraviolet and infrared light and x-rays?”. It was initially meant as a joke about god’s so-called ability to ‘see everything’, but it got me thinking… People automatically assume no, but that’s not necessarily true. Tonight I will extrapolate on this thought.

First thing I will say is this. What you see, your entire light spectrum, from red all the way through to violet, all the colours of the visible rainbow, are just a small bandwidth in the light spectrum. The colours we see all have a specific wave length, red the shortest wave length and violet the longest. But these are not the only wave lengths of light. The wave lengths shorter than red are called ‘infrared’, while the wave lengths beyond violet are called ‘ultraviolet’. Along this wave length spectrum sits everything else which is transmitted through electromagnetic waves… x-ray, gamma ray, radio waves, television signals, everything is just light that we can’t see. The reason we don’t see this light is because our eyes were not made to pick up these wave lengths.

Back to the main question.  The automatic reaction of every religious person I have asked is ‘no, of course not!’ or similar. But there is nothing special about the light we see, other than it’s the light we see. Nothing makes it different from any other light on the spectrum. It is true that it is the wavelength given off most by the sun, but the reason they correlate is because animals evolved to pick up as much light as possible from the sun. Nothing makes the light we see ‘different’ from the light we don’t see. If we ever discover other life in the universe, it is possible, most likely actually, that these lifeforms will see different wavelengths of light.

So, what does this have to do with god? Well, I think the fact that religious people straight away answer no to the question gives insight into god. I think the reason why god doesn’t see all the other light is because we created him to be just like us, but way more powerful and knowledgeable. He is just a comfort to us when we are feeling down. So of course he only sees the same light that you do, otherwise he might not get what you are talking about when you describe colours to him.

Some may respond that this is because “God created man to his own image” (Genesis 1:27). This is a weak answer because the only plausible god in today’s age is a god who has more than just an interest in humans (he has 14 billion light years of space to cater to) and would need to see more than just one tiny sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum which happens to be visible to an insignificant planet with a few organisms on it. I think that the adverse is true, Human’s created god in their image, as comfort for them and to provide answers to unknown questions.

Was I indoctrinated to Atheism?

Hello skeptics the world over,

Recently, in a discussion with my mother about whether I should be heading to church on Sunday, she made the claim that I was indoctrinated by podcasts such as ‘The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’ and other science and skeptical podcasts and websites, and said that I am ‘just as brainwashed’ as I claim Christians to be. I will be hoping to respond to this question in-depth tonight.

The first thing I will point out is the contrast of ‘indoctrinations’ between my skepticism and Christianity as a child. When I was indoctrinated to Christianity as a child, I was given the whole nine yards, Genesis creation, the flood and Noah’s Ark, Tower of Babel, Jesus, all the bible had to offer. When I was ‘indoctrinated’ into skepticism and atheism, it was almost the exact opposite. Instead of being given a list of things I had to believe, how to believe them and a book to read it from, when I was indoctrinated by The Skeptic’s Guide, I was only given a list of things which are logical, and most importantly, a list of things which weren’t logical. That’s why I am a champion of skepticism, not atheism. yes I am an atheist, but I am an atheist because of skepticism. Skeptics don’t tell you what to believe, they just give you the package of logic and evidence.

I wasn’t told to become a skeptic and an atheist by ‘the skeptics guide’, I was just told, “Hey, some of what you believe is not very logical and has no evidence to support it, look at what we think, be logical and look at the evidence, and make your decision.” and look at where I am now.

The other main difference between my two ‘indoctrinations’ is choice. When I was indoctrinated into Christianity, I didn’t know about atheism, humanism, naturalism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, or any other amount of religions. I was just having Christianity handed to me on a silver plate, with a bit of evolution thrown into the mix, as I still had to have some science. But there wasn’t much choice for me. When I was introduced to skepticism, I had heard about all the other religions and world-views, and I chose to go with agnostic atheism, and later onto agnostic anti-theism. That’s also why I am a champion of free-thought, because giving a child the choice is the most important thing they can have. I will talk about free-thought and children in a later post.

I was not indoctrinated into atheism or skepticism like the way children born into christian homes are indoctrinated, I was given a choice and I was not forced into it, and that is the key difference… choice. That’s all for today, I’ll leave you with a quote from an anonymous author/sayer of words, “Trying to close a mind that has not yet had the chance to be opened, is the worst form of child abuse.”

Does Science Uncover What the Scriptures Predicted?

Hello there, skeptics and critical thinkers,

I have recently been listening to ‘Unbelievable?’ the podcast on Premier Christian Radio, and they have been championing a view which I have heard by quite a lot of Christians. They believe that the new discoveries of science all point towards what the bible has been saying for the last couple of thousand years. They say that the bible has been saying things about the multiverse, fine-tuning of the universe and evolution for years and years, and will point to specific verses in the bible which is said to talk about these topics. Today I will be giving my two-cents about this idea.

One of the most common verses is that the bible says that the earth is a sphere, and point to Isaiah 40:22, which states, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth”. Many point to this and say, “See, the Bible thought the Earth was a sphere even before Science thought it”. Other’s will point to Hebrews 11:3 and say, “Aha! The bible also predicts atoms!”, Hebrews 11:3 actually states “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do”. A few things can be said about these verses. First of all… VAGUE!!! These are just a small snippet of the amazingly wishy-washy talk which is the bible. Most psychics could make much more specific claims than what we just read, and we all know how vague and unspecific psychics are.

The second is that these verses are open to quite a lot of interpretation. Take Isaiah 40:22, for example. This verse could be interpreted as meaning that the world is a flat disc. Seeing that it says ‘circle’ and not ‘sphere’ would probably suggest that it means ‘circle’. It’s quite a leap to go from “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth” to “the Earth is a sphere”. When people bring up this verse to suggest a circular earth, they often also say that the ‘science’ of the time and throughout the middle ages thought the earth was a disc. What they are forgetting is that they probably made that judgement based on what they read in these few passages.

Another thing to bring up is this. When people scour through their bible to find passages like this that support the science of today, they are forgetting and reading past the MOUNTAINS of biblical scripture which is in direct contradiction with science. They ignore the entire Genesis story, the rising of Lazarus and Jesus, parting of the seas, and countless miracles which are strictly in disagreement with what science thinks about the universe and nature.

There is a large scope of views on this point, from Hugh Ross, founder of ‘Reasons to Believe’, who thinks that all of modern science has been predicted by the bible, to views like mine, who think that they are all just some lucky guesses amongst a vast sea of incorrect statements, logical fallacies and falsehoods, written in a vague, wishy-washy talk which is similar to the psychic predictions we are all familiar with. But I hope that I have swayed you towards a more skeptical view of these claims.